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Next shows:

Jun 15, 16 @ The Princeton Pub
June 22 - Felicita's Pub, BC
June 15/16 Bring on the Summer - with Blues Metal Messiahs Jesus Krysler and Post-Punk Artistes, iBraineater
June 22 - Victoria, BC
August Kamloops, Calgary, Lethbridge, Edmonton, Kelowna Nov 23- Dec 5 UK/EU tour (dates TBA)

Wheres Howie - 22nd Century CD Cover

22nd Century

22nd century on Eastern European compilation CD

Order the compilation riot on Sunset Vol. 24

What the Media are saying about 22nd Century:

"the great songs just keep coming thick and fast!"
The Opinion Canvas

" The punk influence is still there, for example, but it has been more thoroughly assimilated suggesting the band has merged its ideas into a sturdy fusion rather than coming from separate backgrounds. Oddly, this is most apparent on one of the album's two covers, Angel City's No Secrets. That Aussie band sometimes seemed a mixture of AC/DC and Sex Pistols, and if that sounds like 22nd Century well..." 
Tom Harrison, The Province

“The bands three members, Duane Chaos, Tim Plommer and Zippy Pinhead, have really merged their musical direction. The songwriting is really strong in Teenage Underwear Model and U Generation as well as the title track, Howie the Skid.  When I first heard U Generation it reminded me of The Who’s earlier live performances. It is a song that basically kicks you in the face from start to finish”.
Eddy Bugnut, Bugnut Records

In the spirit of Rise Against, Bad Religion, The Offspring, and of course Green Day, 22nd Century have propelled themselves with vigor and determination with Where's Howie?!!... ...continuing a tradition and style of music that they actually lived and played throughout originally."
Cody Plucker Ariel Publicity

"This band could be the next Foo Fighters! They sort of sit in that pocket of Green Day/Foo Fighters and crank out high energy, honest rock!"
Doug Manson

"22nd Century...makes up one complete juggernaut firing off on all cylinders... a high energy fun CD to listen to and it never gets old because it sounds fresh, loud!"


"Tim Plommer (guitar/vocals), Duane Chaos (bass/vocals) and Zippy Pinhead (drums/percussion) deliver a full-fledged musical smackdown with their self-titled release. Gut busting guitar, thundering bass and powerful percussion set the stage for Plommer’s angst laden vocals that are one part pissed off punk and one part grunge master general."
Froglix, 2009

"Good song(s)...well produced...memorable"
The SongCritic.com

"22nd Century’s hard punching and sometimes comical style is a mixture of Ramones style power punk with a healthy dose of 1990’s grunge."
The Association of Rock and Roll Podcasts

"Tim can shred a guitar,
Duane is solid on the
bass and Zippy is nothing
but professional on the kit."
The Auralkinetic, Fall 2009

“Take a riff-driven band with an impressive low-end churn, backed up by mayhem-educing percussion delivered by Zippy Pinhead, and there is no denying the catchy, arena ready hooks that this band effortlessly cranks out……22nd Century is simply a no frills, straight up rock band whose songs are tailor made for popular rock radio.”
Bridgette Oliver, infamousguitar.com (October 15th, 2009)

"Their debut CD was produced by legendary music producer John Webster (Aerosmith, Cher, The Cult) and has garnered attention, including honorable mention in Billboard’s 2009 song writing contest."
IndieZine, Dec 2009


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Latest News:

Jun 6 - Victoria Date Announced! One night only, Friday June 22, early show at Felicita's pub at 9:15 PM Sharp! This one is to fight CANCER!

May 31 - Sean Flynn Add's 22nd Century to KPOV FM 88.9 Rock and Roll Revolution show!

May 13 - 22nd Century hits Top 5 in Canada on Supernova based on love from the public!

May 7 - 22nd Century's "Howie the Skid" released on Los Angeles, US Hard Rock compilation CD!

April 26 - 22nd Century is saddened by news of Todd Simko passing away. Todd was a genius in the studio and had a big hand in our last CD. This is a famous photograph of Todd Simko, John Webdster sandwhiching 22nd Century's Duane Chaos at Mushroom Studios circa 2011. RIP Todd!

The late Todd Simko with Duane Chaos and John Webster in Mushroom Studios while recording WHere's Howie

April 22 - 22nd Century confirmed for return dates to the Princeton May 11, 12 for Spring Concerto.

April 14
- 22nd Century members chosen to play with I, Braineater at Rickshaw for Budakon CD Release Concert!

April 1 - 22nd Century win the Grammys!

Feb 1 - 22nd Century features in L.A based Punk Globe magazine. Full Interview.

Jan 31 - NEW VIDEO!! U Generation launched.

Jan 13 - 22nd Century bass/guitar player Duane Chaos to be interviewed on CBC TV!

Jan 12 - 22nd Century featured in the Georgia Straight talking about tonights concert

Jan 10 - 22nd Century featured by Todd Hancock on CFOX FM 99.3

Dec 2 - 22nd Century's latest guffaws in Hot Gossip section of Punk Globe Magazine (Near Fishbone section) (read)

Nov 15 - New single announced, video coming. U Generation will be up soon!

Oct 12 - Schoolaid announced with 22nd Century on the bill!

Sep 26 - 22nd Century featured in Skope Magazine! (READ)

Sep 22 - Howie the Skid released in Eastern Europe on Radio Hits 5!

Sep 1 - 22nd Century on front page of Punk Globe Magazine featured alongside Johhny Thunders and The Ramones!



22nd Century is on the cover of Punk Globe Magazine

August 30 - 22nd Century gets awesome review by the Opinion Canvas (UK)! READ

Aug 25 - 22nd Century hits #1 on the BC Indie Charts (Reverbnation) and #25 nationally!

22nd Century is now the top Indie band in Western Canada

Aug 21 - new video "Howie the Skid" hits 17,800 views since Aug 10 launch!

Aug 18 - 22nd Century #4 regionally, #39 nationally on Reverbnation! Over 1,000,000 views in less than 3 weeks. (Join our mailing list at top)

Aug 14 - 22nd Century completes first headline show with Jesus Krysler as fourth member!

Aug 10 - NEW VIDEO "Howie the Skid" RELEASED!

Aug 9 - 22nd Century starts practice with new guitarist Jesus Krysler.

Aug 5 - UK presence grows with Jay Adkins NUA Radio show. Thank you to all our supporters in the UK. Watch out for the FAKE band using our name.
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Aug 1 - 22nd Century to headline Vancouver Street Festival Aug 13!

July 23-31 - Duane Chaos tours India (Follow him on Twitter)

July 21 - Chile's Mundo Rock Managize writes up 22nd Century scoring 7.5/10

July 12 - 22nd Century tentatively booked in Los Angeles (Oct) and UK (Dec)

June 12 - 22nd Century's Duane Chaos interview from New York, NY - hear


May 29 - 22nd Century moves into 14th favorite overall out of thousands of bands as voted by fans on Supernova!


May 6 - 22nd Century hits Verzik Charts at #1! Check out this great new music site - Charts

22nd Century debuts #1 on Verzik!

May 5 - The ship sets swail with the schoolhouse we helped raise $ for in January 2011. We're building a school in Tanzania! - UPDATE

May 1 - 22nd Century featured in PUNK GLOBE MAGAZINE - READ

April 28 - Where's Howie?!! second release sold out!

April 25 - 22nd Century bassist Duane Chaos to play lead guitar for The Rothschilds Friday, May 6 at The Dental Lab!

April 21 - 22nd Century picks up radio spots in Eastern Europe and South America.

April 12 - DATE CONFIRMED! CD Release Party! Copper Tank Grill, April 22, 3135 West Broadway

April 8 - Piggy, 22nd Century, The Struggler and The Stoolies rock Funky Winkerbeans!


Mar 10 - First single "Teenage Underwear Model" hits #3 on UK Indie Charts (Somojo.net)

22nd Century #3 on Somojo.net UK Indie charts

Mar 7 - new dates announced. April 8 at Funky Winkerbeans we will be playing on the bill with Ron Reyes (Black Flag) new band Piggy - Link

Mar 5 - 22nd Century crosses 5,500 fans on Jango.com and over 175,000 streams.

Mar 1, 2011 - 22nd Century released on "Riot on the Sunset" Vol 24 from 272 records. Read our own review here.

Feb 28 - 22nd Century picked up on FM stations in France, New Zealand, USA and Canada!

Feb 25 - a great review of our stumbling San Francisco performance on Punk Globe! - Read

Feb 21 - 22nd Century Reviewed by "Rocked by Three Shots" - visit

Feb 11 - 22nd Century plays The CellSpace in San Francisco, CA - photos

Jan 31 - Awesome review of Where's Howie from Skylight Webzine in Greece - Read

Jan 22 - Muzik Reviews gives Where's Howie 4/5 stars in review - READ

Jan 19 - Where's Howie?!! selected by The Province as "CD of the Week"

Jan 18 - 22nd Century donates vintage Strat to silent auction to raise money for Tunjifuze charity

Jan 14 - Where's Howie?!! - a great review by The Province music editor Tom Harrison - READ

Jan 12 - Skylight Radio (Greece) promoting new CD (link)

Jan 11 - Where's Howie?!! CD Release picked up by over 1,000 mainstream press outlets! See partial list.

Jan 10 - Single "Teenage Underwear Model" made Somojo's featured video of the week! (Watch)

Jan 7 - Video posted for single "Teenage Underwear Model"

Jan 6 - 22nd Century releases 2nd CD, covering Martha & the Muffin's "Echo Beach"! READ NEWS RELEASE ORDER NOW

Dec 19 - Release date set for Where's Howie?!! (Jan 6) PRE ORDER NOW!

22nd Century's second studio CD - Where's Howie?!!


Who is 22nd Century?

22nd Century is a 3 piece hard rock trio in the traditions of DOA and GreenDay. Formed by three veterans of the west coast music scene, the band delivers a hard punching, satirical challenge with songs such as Teenage Underwear Model, Howie the Skid and 509, the latter hitting #1 on the Somojo U.K. indy charts. Fans familiar with the Foo Fighters will hear the same grunge influence in songs such as “Let Me Be” (released 2009) which garnered an honorable mention in Billboard Magazine’s 2009 global song writing contest.  The trio is composed of drummer Zippy Pinhead (DOA, The Dils, The Beatfarmers), vocalist & Guitarist Tim Plommer (Anthill) and Duane Chaos (Ace Koden, Centerfold and Driven Force).  Having successfully toured, they are now working on their second CD with legendary producer John Webster (Motley Crue, Aerosmith, The Cult, Cher) in Mushroom Studio’s in  their hometown of Vancouver BC.

As they embark on their next CD, the trio continues to write songs influenced by The Foo Fighters, Alice in Chains, GreenDay, Ramones, Thin Lizzy, the Sex Pistols and AC/DC, then accompany their sound with fist pumping, mosh-worthy live performances. THe new CD will include remakes of Martha and the Muffins “Echo Beach” and Angel City’s “No Secrets”. Read complete history.

Video - Blitzkrieg live @ Nokia Plaza, Los Angeles